Consultation on a National Framework for Assessing Children and Young People's Continuing Care

The Commission welcome the opportunity to respond to this consultation, and are pleased that there is a commitment to applying the same assessment criteria across all PCTs, and enable informed decisions to be made by children and their families about ongoing and future care, with no discrimination based on age, disability, condition or type of health need. We are keen to see a clear statement that no discrimination will take place on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, religion or culture, race, or transgender status.

To ensure that all a child’s needs are addressed requires flexible, multi-disciplinary interventions that are not just restricted to healthcare  and medical models, but also incorporate educational, social welfare, safeguarding and other well-being indicators. There must be a recognition that the holistic development of the child is the over-riding consideration in any interventions that are provided. The child’s best interests must be the primary consideration in any care planning procedures, so it may be necessary to over-ride the wishes and feelings of the parents as well as the child in some circumstances.

We are keen to ensure that the care planning pathway described is fully compliant with gender, race and disability equality duties, and that there are appropriate data collection and monitoring systems are in place to ensure these duties are complied with. We are keen to see data being collected on the other protected grounds, specifically religion and culture, sexuality, age and transgender status.

Download our full response to the Consultation on a National Framework for Assessing Children and Young People’s Continuing Care.

Last Updated: 02 Jul 2009