Comprehensive Area Assessment response

Summary of Key Points

  • We welcome the CAA consultation document which sets out clear details about the methodology and the results of the EQIA so far.
  • The Commission encourages the Audit Commission to further integrate CAA with the public sector equality duties and future duties as there is considerable cross-over and compatibility. This will also enhance effectiveness in tackling inequality and good relations across the seven strands and human rights.
  • The Duties require data collection, involvement, consultation, evidence-based policy-making and monitoring which is also required in order to manage performance effectively as outlined in CAA. There is potential for joint-working between inspectorates and the Commission
  • The Audit Commission and 7 inspectorates and local authorities come under the public sector equality duties
  • The Commission’s Human Rights Inquiry will provide an evidence base on the performance of public bodies and human rights and an agenda for government and inspectorates and other bodies to take this forward. The Audit Commission may want to include this in CAA methodology as it evolves.
  • We believe that given the problems surrounding equality data collection currently, the absence of data should trigger a red flag.
  • The Commission would like to receive further information about how the Audit Commission and partners are going to ensure that equality data is robust.
  • There is scope for joint working in training of trainers.

Download the Commission's full response.

Last Updated: 02 Jul 2009