This inquiry has benefited from the generous contributions of many individuals

The Commission is grateful to all those individuals, disabled people's organisations, voluntary organisations, inspectorate bodies, permanent secretaries, government departments and public and private authorities who have given evidence to the inquiry.

We are especially grateful to Katharine Quarmby, author of 'Scapegoat - why we are failing disabled people' for her invaluable support and work on stakeholder engagement. She generously shared key research from her book supplying many of the contacts and case studies we have used in our final report. Katharine is keen to contribute to media debates on this vitally important subject.

We are grateful also to colleagues and members of the Equality and Human Rights Commission Disability Committee and Advisory Group for their guidance during the course of the inquiry. The inquiry would not have been possible without their collaboration.

Thanks to all the interviewees drawn from a wide field who gave their time to be interviewed, and to Independent Social Research for their research contributions.

Particular thanks goes to the friends, families and survivors of disability harassment who were generous enough to share their experiences with us.

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