Inquiry into disability-related harassment

Our inquiry looks at the progress agencies are making in relation to preventing and dealing with disability related harassment.


ParamedicAbout the inquiry

What is the inquiry and what do we hope to achieve?

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British Sign Language videos of all the inquiry reports.

Download the inquiry recommendations and progress report

Manifesto for Change: Progress Report 2013 (published December 2013).

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Out in the Open: a manifesto for change (published October 2012).

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To what extent are agencies making progress against disability related harassment?  

Many public agencies are taking postive steps to identify and eliminate disability related harassment but more work needs to be done. You can read about the extent of progress against the Commission's recommendations in a new report available here.  Alongside the report you will find the official responses from various public agencies in response to a survey over the Summer of 2013. Read the report and responses.   










New research report: Crime and disabled people

Thumbnail research report 90This report presents the analysis of crime surveys in England, Wales and Scotland, focusing on
disability-related crime and crime experienced by disabled people. This report offers a baseline against which future changes in the recording and reporting of disability related hate crime can be measured.   

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Support organisations

A number of organisations can provide support when people face harassment. Find a list here.