Project 1000: Key information

Who can join?

If you're aged between 13-21 years old, are from either England, Scotland or Wales, and want to help bring about a society built on fairness and respect, you can join Project 1,000. No matter what your background and abilities may be, where you are from, or if you're in full time education or not, we welcome all young people who are committed to embracing equality and human rights and believe in treating everybody with fairness and respect.

It doesn't matter if you are an active campaigner on a particular issue, or are waiting for the activist in you to burst out, Project 1,000 is a chance for young people to share their knowledge and experiences with other like-minded young people across the nation.

All young people who take part, or have taken part, in our youth projects are especially invited to join Project 1,000. We want to continue working with you and support you becoming the great equality leaders that you already are.

What are the benefits?

(As it says on the tin!) Project 1000 is a community of 1,000+ young people that we will encourage you to meet and work with during your membership. That's a lot of Facebook friend requests!

You will also get the opportunity to attend various regional and national events that will see you travel up and down the country. All expenses will be paid by the Commission, so you can keep those purse strings tight.

Members immediately enter a programme of new skills development that can range from leadership and team building to effective communication and campaigning skills. This in turn will help build your interpersonal skills and confidence, and it's great stuff to put down on your CV!

Project 1000 members will be involved in shaping a huge area of work for the Commission. Your contributions will help promote young people's talent and widen opportunities for all, so you can walk away knowing that you have made a difference!

How long can I be a member for?

Project 1000 membership is available until you turn 21 years old. We like to stay in touch with members when they reach 21 years old to get you involved in other areas of work that the Commission does. We will still offer opportunities to take part in events and projects that tackle other issues, not just youth.

What do I have to do?

If you're interested in joining Project 1000 then check out the member description. If you feel that this opportunity is for you, then:

Project 1000
Equality and Human Rights Commission
3 More London
Riverside, Tooley Street
London SE1 2RG

Please ensure that you have completed and signed one of the appropriate consent forms (see right) and return this separately, or with your posted application form.

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