Each of our projects meets objectives that build towards our aim of creating a fairer Britain.


Link to Equality ActEquality Act 2010

This new legislation came into force from 1 October. Find guidance, Codes of Practice and consultations.

Link to How fair is Britain?How Fair is Britain?

Explore the findings of our first triennial review: videos, summaries, key data, reports and evidence.

Paramedics attending a crime scene

Disability Harassment Inquiry

Our inquiry into disability-related harassment is looking at how well public bodies are addressing the issues.

Other Inquiries

More projects

Sex and Power 2011

Our new report show that whilst British women are better educated than ever before, there is continuing trend of women being passed over for top jobs in Britain.

Working Better

How can we match the aspirations of employees with the needs of employers in ways that meet both the economic and individual challenges of modern Britain?

Public sector equality duty

A new public sector equality duty is now in force. View our guidance and resources to help public authorities meet the duty.

Projects in Scotland

Find out about our projects in Scotland including Halt Hate Crime, the Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland and our work to promote Independent Living.


Personalisation in social care

Personalisation and the provision of advocacy are increasingly important elements of social care, but our research found that greater effort is needed for them to be successful.

Trans inequalities reviewed

Our work to reduce inequality, eliminate discrimination, promote equality and human rights, and build good relations.

Gypsies and travellers

Our research has been charting the progress of local authorities in meeting the accommodation needs of Gypsy and Traveller communities.

Projects in Wales

Find out about our projects in Wales, such as Not just another Statistic and Dignity Drive.