Equality, Human Rights and Good Relations in 2010

Image: go to the overview videoHow fair is Britain? A video overview

Get a quick introduction to 'How fair is Britain?', our first Triennial Review.

International Womens Day, link to How fair is Britain for women?How fair is Britain for women?

For International Women's Day 2011 we have drawn out issues of particular relevance to gender equality.

Student's hand opening a classroom door.

All things being equal?

Our new report looks at careers education and guidance for young people and identifies specific barriers different groups face.


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Background to the review

The Triennial Review is the result of an extensive process of research, consultation and engagement with our stakeholders.

Online summary

Read the headline findings and key data from the Triennial Review in our online summary edition.

The significant challenges

Discover the significant challenges to improving equality, human rights and good relations that will guide our work over the next three years.

Case studies

We have written a number of case studies to illustrate some of the challenges we hope to tackle as a result of our first review.


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Download the complete report

Download 'How fair is Britain?' the First Triennial Review as a complete volume, or in sections. Alternative formats will also be available.

Download the summary report

Download the Executive Summary of 'How fair is Britain?' for printing, sharing and distribution.

Supporting evidence

The Triennial Review is supported by a number of related reports and submissions from our stakeholders to our Call for Evidence.

Research reports

In preparing for this Triennial Review, we commissioned seven research institutions to conduct gap-filling research and analysis.