Key areas for improvement

Ten areas where public authorities can improve human rights protections

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Although there is a positive story, this review also appraises evidence which, we believe, shows public authorities could be doing more to meet their obligations to implement the protections of human rights in full.

The review assessed the compliance of British laws, institutions and institutional processes with each article of the Convention. It identified 10 areas where legislation, institutions, policy or services could protect human rights more fully.

  1. Health and social care
  2. Children in the justice system
  3. Police custody and prisons - support for vulnerable adults
  4. Investigations into deaths in custody
  5. Legal aid provision
  6. Protection of the right to a private life
  7. Human rights of some groups
  8. Counter-terrorism and public order legislation
  9. Torture allegations
  10. Immigration procedures and detention

Find out also what we believe is the future of human rights in Britain.

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