Call for Evidence

Evidence for the inquiry was gathered using a number of methods, there was a call for evidence from individuals, organisations and service providers, based on their experiences, positive and negative. We commissioned research on specific areas that we have identified would help with the inquiry.The Inquiry also held a series of inquiry panels to hear evidence from invited witnesses. We are very grateful to all the people who took the time to respond to the call for evidence and / or to attend focus group meetings.

Call for Evidence Report

This report draws on information that was submitted to the Commission during the Call for Evidence that ran between 21 April and 15 July 2008.

We are grateful to all the individuals and organisations from the voluntary, public and private sectors who gave so generously their time to share their knowledge and experience with us. This information has formed an important evidence base which has helped shape the Human Rights Inquiry final report and recommendations. We are particularly grateful to the 385 individuals and representatives of voluntary and community sector organisations who, through group evidence sessions, individual conversations and written submissions, ensured that the insights and lived experience of those whose voices are often overlooked were fed into the Human Rights Inquiry.

Download the Call for Evidence Report

Call for Evidence Report (pdf)

Responses to the Call for Evidence

We received 218 written call for evidence responses from the following categories of stakeholders:

Category of stakeholders

Number of responses

Service users / individuals working for service provider or for a representative organisation responding in their personal capacity


Voluntary and Community Sector groups


Service providers




Within the 218 responses, we received 187 from England and 24 from Wales. The seven remaining responses came from countries which were not covered by the HRI (Scotland, Northern Ireland).

NB. The inquiry was restricted to England and Wales. Further to our consultation with the Scottish Human Rights Commission, it was decided that the timescale of the Human Rights Inquiry was too tight to include Scotland, but they are considering the possibility of parallel work in the future.


You can read the responses by downloading the documents below:

We have not published the responses to the call for evidence sent by service users / individuals working for a service provider or for a representative organisation responding in their personal capacity as we wanted to protect their confidentiality.

In order to complement the responses to the written call for evidence, we also met with over 160 stakeholders from the voluntary and community sector and individuals in England and Wales individually or in focus groups. We adopted this approach to ensure that we heard from a wide range of groups and individuals. Read comments made by participants in the focus groups.

The evidence given by stakeholders in writing and orally is invaluable to the inquiry and constitutes one of the strands of evidence informing the final report which we have now published.

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