Part 2: Know your rights

This Part tells you about:

If you think that your human rights have been breached or you think that a public body, for example your council, health service or government, should do more to protect your rights, then you should think about all the rights that may apply to your situation. Often it is the case that more than one right applies.

Because the Convention is still new, it has not yet been used much in practice. That is why we cannot give real-life examples. As the Convention gets used more often, we will find out more about what it means in practice. We have used examples where possible to help explain what each Article could mean in practice.   Some of the Articles of the Convention include more detailed actions for governments to take or include more complex issues.  We have therefore included more explanation and examples for some of the Articles.

You will see that some Convention articles are very broad, for example Article 5 (which is about equality and non discrimination) and some overlapping for example Articles 15 (about freedom from torture and degrading treatment) and 16 (about exploitation and abuse). 

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