Learning from real life practice and decision making: guidance for people working in the public sector or in organisations that carry out public functions

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Equality and human rights in practiceEquality and human rights in practice

An Age UK guide for practitioners and commissioners of services for older people.

Human rights at homeHuman rights at home

Practical guidance from the Commission for social housing providers. 

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This resource contains short, accessible summaries of over 30 guidance documents, highlighting their key human rights messages and other essential information. > Find out more

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To make it easier to find guidance that may be relevant to you, we have categorised each piece of guidance in a number of different ways: by the public sector area(s) it relates to, the themes and topics it deals with, and the type of guidance it is.

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Key messages

The guidance reviewed in this resource covers a wide range of issues and different areas of the public sector. However, there are some common and recurring themes that will be applicable to everyone. Find out about recurring themes throughout the guidance documents.

Human Rights in Scotland

Find out more about the Human Rights work the Commission is undertaking in Scotland.