International Human Rights Day 10 December 2011

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On Human Rights Day 2011 Navi Pillay, High Commissioner at the UN, asks you to get involved in the global human rights movement.

Trevor PhillipsMessage from our chair, Trevor Phillips

Published in the Sunday Times, 11 December 2011 

Protecting older and disabled people

The Commission is calling on the Government to close the loophole for the people who receive care in their home to be protected by the Human Rights Act.
> Read more

Disability harassment inquiry

Protecting vulnerable people at risk of violence

The Commission is calling on public authorities to ensure that the people who suffer from violence and bullying because of who they are receive the support and protection they need. > See more on the Inquiry


Human Rights Day and the Commission

Celebrating Human Rights Day

2011 has been a powerful year for human rights in Britain and across the world. With increased focus on the role and value of human rights here in Britain and the ever-strengthening calls for more human rights protections around the world, the last twelve months have been transformed by people asserting and using their rights. > Read more about celebrating Human Rights Day

Health and Social Care Bill briefing (amendment)

We have issued a parliamentary briefing amendment to clarify that the Human Rights Act 1998 extends to publically-funded healthcare and home care services. > View the briefing


Human rights themed work

Human trafficking Inquiry

The Commission in Scotland investigated human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation and uncovered forced labour, domestic servitude and victims being forced to commit crime. > Find out more

Map of Gaps

Each year, 3 million women in Britain experience rape, domestic violence, stalking or other violence yet our Map of Gaps study shows that women who need vital support services face a postcode lottery. > Read more about Map of Gaps

International Human Rights Day 2010

The theme for Human Right Day 2010 was to celebrate the human rights defenders, the everyday people who act to end discrimination. > View our resources and videos from 2010