Human Rights in Healthcare

Title of guidance:

Human Rights in Healthcare - a framework for local action (2nd edition)

Author: Equality and Human Rights Group, Department of Health and British Institute of Human Rights

Year published: 2007
Length: 71 pages
Format: PDF (4Mb)
Other formats: CD available with 'further information and resources' - phone: 0151 285 2321 / email:
Producer/ Publisher: Department of Health
Type of organisation: Public authority

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Health | In-house service guidance | Human Rights Act | European Convention on Human Rights | GB wide| Case studies

Audience: Service management | Front-line service personnel | Elected councillors, board members, trustees | Policy managers and directors

Topics: Human rights | equality | assessing risk | transparency and accountability | proportionality | balancing competing rights | involvement and participation | dignity | positive obligations | commissioning

Last Updated: 05 Jan 2015