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Human rights at home: Guidance for social housing providers

In May 2011 we published this new guidance developed in consultation with practitioners in the housing sector. Find out more and read an online summary.

This guidance is intended to be a practical tool, to help those who work in social housing to comply with the Human Rights Act.


A Human Rights Inquiry report

Human Rights Inquiry - full report

Report on our research into the Human Rights Act's first ten years which makes a number of recommendations to help embed human rights in the public sector.

Ours to own - understanding human rights

This guide looks at what human rights mean in the context of everyday life, how they have affected real people and why they are therefore so important.


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

What does it mean for you?

This new guide will help disabled people know what their rights are and how to use them. It will also help people to challenge injustices and improve services and help organisations understand their responsibilities.


Guidance from Action for Advocacy - Human rights toolkit for advocates

Action for Advocacy, the independent advocacy organisation developed a toolkit based on an initial series of Commission-funded training days to advocates across England and Wales. The toolkit is a resource to promote further thinking and better use of resources that can support advocates to use human rights in their advocacy work.

An employer's guide to... Creating an inclusive workplace

This guide contains a range of ideas to help you use human rights principles to create an inclusive workplace.


Last Updated: 04 Feb 2015