Changes to the Commission’s website

August 2010

We have made some important improvements to our website that we hope will provide a much better experience for our customers.

Why have we done it?

By listening to feedback from customers and testing directly with users, our digital team found that it was often difficult for customers to quickly find the information they needed. It was also not as accessible as we’d like it to be. Users also mentioned that the site seemed a little static and lacked visual interest. Finally, the launch of the extensive online guidance for the Equality Act 2010 provided us with an ideal opportunity to re-launch the web site, together with a programme of planned further improvements over the coming months.

What are the main benefits?

  • The site should be much easier to use and far more accessible for customers.
  • It will be start to become more tightly integrated with our printed publications and helpline service to fully support our customers’ journeys.
  • It will allow customers to easily find our priority activities including the Equality Act and Triennial Review.
  • The website will provide a more useful experience for our customers, especially in the provision of high quality advice and guidance.
  • We’ve created a better platform for further improvements.

Further improvements

The digital team will continue their programme of testing the site with representative users to ensure that we deliver even more benefits to customers in future. 

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