Equal Pay Workshop for European National Equality Bodies

On the 3 - 4 March 2011 the Commission in co-operation with Equinet  organised a two day workshop on measures to close the gender pay gap. The workshop explored European National Equality Bodies (NEB) equal pay best practice following the European Council Conclusions on actions to close the gender pay gap in December 2010. The Council’s recommendations on closing the gender pay gap agreed by EU ministers invite member states to focus on the influencing factors of the gender pay gap.

These recommendations mention the role of National Equality Bodies for the first time, creating an opportunity for National Equality Bodies participate in shaping future European initiatives on closing the pay gap. The EHRC workshop aimed to give National Equality Bodies the opportunity to explore their capacity and willingness to work together on closing the gender pay gap.

The Commission have produced a report from the seminar which outlines the:

• Equal pay initiatives across EU member states
• National equality body responses to the current EC proposals to closing the gender pay gap and;
• The feasibility of collaborative future working for NEBs at European level.

The Commission wants this to be accessible , so we would encourage all national equality bodies to add a link of the report to their website.

For more information about the next steps of our cooperation contact international@equalityhumanrights.com 

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