Equal pay audit toolkit

Equal pay audit toolkit

This toolkit is a guide for employers on carrying out an equal pay audit, designed for businesses with over 50 employees. It also gives advice on good equal pay practice, on conducting equality impact assessments and provides guidance on actions arising from the audit that may need to be taken to eliminate any pay gaps. It will help you carry out an equal pay audit related to the gender, race, disability, or working patterns of your employees. We will refer to these employees as ‘protected groups’. Equal pay audits are recommended in the Code of Practice on Equal Pay

The toolkit gives general guidance only and should not be regarded as a complete or authoritative statement of the law. Readers should be alert to the possibility of developments in case law that may affect the rights of employees. The toolkit is intended to be used as a living document, which may be added to, or taken away from, depending on current legislative changes, case law and user experience.

The toolkit follows a five step model, but there are also a number of general sections that provide important context when undertaking an equal pay audit. Each step has an 'additional information' section with more detailed resources relating to that step.

Background and Context

Step 1 - Scope

Step 2 - Equal work, equal value and job evaluation

Step 3 - Collecting and analysing pay data

Step 4 - Causes of pay gaps in all elements of pay

Step 5 - Developing an equal pay action plan

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