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First European Equal Pay Day highlighting EU earnings gap

5 March 2011 was the first EU-wide Equal Pay Day, which aimed to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. This day marked the extra number of days in 2011 that women must work to match the amount of money earned by men in 2010. Read more about the day and the European Commission's commitment to closing the gender pay gap on the European Union website.

International Women's Day - 8 March 2011

International Women's Day has been observed since 1911. It is an international day of recognition of womens achievements and the further needed to improve womens lives across the globe. Thousands of events are held globally to raise awareness. Visit the International Women's Day website to see what events took place near you and find out more about the day. You can read Centenary messages from Commissioner Kay Carberry, Theresa May MP and Yvette Cooper MP reflecting on the significance of 100 years of International Women's Day, and find out what work the Commission is doing to promote equality for women on our International Women's Day 2011 page.

Gender Equality: EU to tackle gender pay gap

The second phase of a European-wide communication campaign on the gender pay gap that started in 2009 has begun in earnest as Vice-President Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship presented some Commission proposals for tackling the pay gap. These recommendations have come from the findings of a Eurobarometer survey on attitudes to gender equality.

The second phase of the campaign will now move into the launch of the Gender Pay Gap 2010 campaign which will introduce new tools and take the campaign to the national, regional and local level.

To find out how the European Commission intends to address the questions of gender equality in the EU, and what they are doing to improve this and priority areas for action, visit the European Commission website.

A Women's Charter - A strengthened commitment to equality between women and men

The EU issued a Womens Charter to coincide with International Womens Day 2010. The charter highlights the successes that have been achieved, but also maps out the future steps that need to be taken in the areas of economic independence, equal pay for equal work and gender based violence. Find out more on the European Commission website.

European Commission - Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

The European Social Fund (ESF) provides funding to organisations in EU member states to improve the situation of women in the labour market. The importance attached to ensuring gender equality in employment is reflected in the ESF programming for 2007-2013. It comprises two approaches:

  • Gender mainstreaming, which incorporates the gender dimension into all ESF priorities;
  • Specific actions aimed at getting women into work and sustaining them there

For more information on their work, and the programmes they are funding visit their website.

Gender Pay Gap Calculator

  • European Commission
    The European Commission website has a simple gender pay gap calculator for both employers and employees to use in their workplace. It has information on case studies, finding out the national average and what you can do about the gender pay gap in your workplace. Try out the European Commission calculator.

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