Tools: Equal pay

We provide an overview of what the Equality Act 2010 says about Equal Pay in the section on Pay and Benefits.

In this section here, we provide more detailed resources to help organisations implement equal pay. We have produced a range of information and guidance to suit different types and sizes of employer.

It is well recognised that equal pay for men and women cannot be achieved through legislation alone. Employers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their pay systems are free from gender bias. We are committed to working with employers to enable them to deliver fair pay systems in accordance with equal pay legislation.

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Good equal pay practice

Equal pay audits

Many employers are aware of the benefits this can bring and have taken steps to voluntarily promote and provide equal pay in their workplace. Read more information about carrying out an equal pay audit. To assist those already doing this and those considering it, we have provided several tools to inform employers of the importance and benefits of providing a fair pay system and to help them deal with the more common causes of unequal pay in the workplace:



Equality impact assessments

The principles and techniques for an equal pay audit are equally applicable to carrying out an equality impact assessment on proposals to change pay policies, especially new grading and pay structures. Read more about equality impact assessments.

Advice sources

In this section you can find details of organisations who can advise you on equal pay issues.

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