Case studies

This section provides examples of public authorities that have used the equality duty in their employment, services or policy making. Some are drawn from initiatives which were put in place under the previous equality duties.

The case studies are divided by sector as well as by the type of action taken. There is also a new section showing how public authorities have used the public sector equality duties to achieve tangible benefits. 

These examples show public authorities the variety of benefits the equality duty can deliver when used in the right way.

Sector case studies

Equality action case studies

Benefits for public authorities  

  • Financial benefits: increasing cost-effectiveness and saving resources.
  • Organisational benefits: increasing transparency or accountability, better decision-making, improving organisational culture.
  • Social benefits: providing better access to services, increasing social inclusion, preventing discrimination and/or community tensions and tackling stereotypes.
  • Individual benefits: improving a person's life chances

By sharing these examples the Commission is not making a judgment about whether a particular public authority is meeting any or all of their legal obligations.

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