About these resources

These resources aim to help educators and group leaders organise activities to support young people’s entries to the Young Brits at Art awards. They aim to model good practice in young people's creative work that explores equality and human rights.

The resources are designed to support young people so that they can:

  • articulate big ideas about the basics of equality and human rights and about how we treat each other with fairness and respect
  • map out aspects of the big story of equality and human rights (about psychology, history and law, for example)
  • explore the positive aspects of diversity in the UK today and the benefits of defending our rights as situations change
  • explore personal connections: ‘What aspect of this really interests you? What are you fired up to investigate? What do you want to change and how?’
  • understand how their creativity can help the promote understanding and application of equality and human rights in their day-to-day lives.
  • additionally we are organising 45 artist-led workshops [LINK] for schools and groups where extra support might be needed. But you don’t need a workshop to participate. These resources help you organise your own activities. You can, of course, use these resources even if you’re not entering the competition.

Here you will find information on:

  • “Why?” The changes we hope these awards can make to society, and how young people and schools can benefit from getting involved
  • “How?” Guidance on organising activities, with links to further resources
  • “What?” Seven topics outlined in more detail, with example scenarios and artists’ work to stimulate ideas.

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2014