20 years of the Rights of the Child

The Convention has a unique approach protecting children's rights:

  • It recognises children as rights holders - emphasising their role in society.
  • It encourages active participation of children in decisions affecting them - providing a platform for them to voice their views and opinions.
  • It positions children at the centre of all policy - highlighting their significance from the outset.

Role of the Commission

As a UN-accredited National Human Rights Institution, the Commission is tasked with ensuring that UN convention rights are respected and upheld in Britain. In the spirit of the Convention, the Commission aims to embody the principles outlined above in all aspects of its work relating to children and young people.

Marking the anniversary

To celebrate this special occasion, the Commission ran seminars for its staff at which young people spoke about how their involvement in the Commission's youth projects has helped them become equality and human rights leaders in their schools and communities.

Inspired by their right to have their views and opinions heard, this group of young people spoke eloquently about the importance of the Convention and their personal experiences of promoting fairness and respect to their peers and local communities. The Commission's work on the Convention will be guided by the issues and priorities the young people raised as relevant to them.

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Last Updated: 22 Dec 2014