Project 1,000 identity-based bullying campaigns

In December 2009, the Commission invited a group of young equality and human rights champions to debate the topic of identity-based bullying. Existing research has highlighted the high prevalence of bullying in three equality areas; race, disability and sexual orientation. Members of Project 1000, and other young people, were invited to discuss the impact of bullying towards individuals from these backgrounds. Guest speakers from Mencap, Beatbullying, Muslim Youth Helpline and young campaigners from the Channel 4 series, Battlefront, helped initiate the discussion that encouraged participants to make a pledge for action that they could make in their local schools and communities.

The Commission made it known that it would be selecting three pledge ideas to help make them become a reality. The selected pledges were chosen for their creative approach and investigation into their chosen topic. Working closely with the selected individuals, the Commission provided advice and guidance on project planning, campaign tactics and set up each campaigner with organisations that were relevant to their chosen issue.

The selected campaigners were:

Stefan Mullan from Banbury -

Stefan Mullan from Banbury

Group: Misunderstood -

Misunderstood, a group of young women from East London. Watch their documentary on YouTube.

Rahul Soni from Middlesex -

Rahul Soni from Middlesex

The Commission followed each campaigner over a 3 month period. Watch their video to see how they got on:

View this video with English subtitles, with Welsh subtitles or in BSL on YouTube.

Last Updated: 18 May 2010