Next steps

What the Commission will do next

  1. We are producing guidance to help public bodies to review and revise their Gender Equality Schemes. The guidance will include consideration of the gender equality dutues as they apply to trans people. To inform the guidance, we are undertaking a project to gather information on how public bodies have been meeting their gender equality duties relating to transsexual people, and whether public bodies have also given consideration to the needs and experiences of the full range of trans people when meeting their duties. in January 2010. 
    Update January 2010 - this guidance has now been published.  See our Public sector duties section for more information.
    Update June 2010 - a report on the findings of the project, including good practice case studies, has now been published. See Report of findings and case studies for more information.
  2. We will produce guidance to help organisations in England, Scotland and Wales meet their gender equality and human rights obligations in the provision of goods, facilities or services for their transgender users and potential users. 
    Update February 2010 - this guidance has now been published.  See our Public sector duties section for more information.
  3. We will focus on specific interventions to prevent and tackle transphobic bullying in schools through new research which will examine current local authority engagement and identify best practice for dissemination at a national conference in Spring 2010.
  4. We will work with data providers, for example, the GB Government departments, ONS and GROS, to investigate where we can develop evidence on trans through existing, major surveys in the next three years.
  5. We will start to build consensus with data collectors and stakeholders in the next year regarding trans concepts/definitions and questions to be developed for the purposes of research.
  6. We will include the perspectives of trans people in thematic research, wherever possible. For example, we will conduct qualitative research in Wales to explore the lived experiences of those directly affected by the discrimination identified in the 2009 ‘Who do you see? Living Together in Wales’ report. This will include trans people. The final report will be available in 2010.  


Last Updated: 28 Apr 2014