Sex and Power

Silhouettes of 4 women with the text: Women's average representation. Public sector 26.2%, Business 10.2%, Media & Culture 15.1% and Politics 26.1%

Our Sex and Power 2011 report launches at a time of severe economic hardship for people across Britain which is proving to have a disproportionate impact on women in particular.

We hope that this report will highlight the continued under representation of women in senior public and private appointments. Moreover, we hope that people will look for ways to address this inequality to support the future growth of the UK economy.

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Case studies

faces of four women

We interviewed a selection of women who work as leaders in both the public and private sectors across the UK about how they made it to the top of their respective field and how other women can achieve the same.

  • Baroness Hale - Justice of the Supreme Court and President of both the International Association of Women Judges and the UK Association of Women Judges.
  • Sam Smith – CEO of finnCap, the youngest and the only female chief executive in the City of London’s investment banking community.
  • Linda Lee – President of the Law Society, only the third female to have this role.
  • Professor Caroline Gipps – Vice Chancellor, University of Wolverhampton


Last Updated: 12 Dec 2014