Modern Multiculturism

With Britain in the midst of widespread debate about the future of multiculturalism, our chair Trevor Phillips delivered a key speech in Birmingham on the 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell's speech.

Trevor's speech articulated the Commission's vision for a fresh approach to multiculturalism in modern Britain. We hope to develop the debate on issues of identity and citizenship within our multi-ethnic nation and how they relate to issues of equality and human rights.

To find out more, please read Trevor's speech.

Media coverage of Trevor Phillips' speech

The speech was widely reported by the media which has helped take forward this debate. We have collected together a sample of the media coverage for those interested in the debate.

Summary of media coverage

Views from the street

To find out what ordinary citizens feel about living in a multicultural Britain we went onto the streets of Birmingham to find out.

View the video to find out more.

Last Updated: 22 Jun 2009