Media coverage of Trevor Phillips' speech

The coverage of Trevor Phillips' speech on Sunday 20th April has been extensive - much of it positive. It has sparked a considerable debate online.  We have provided hyperlinks to some relevant articles for those interested in following the debate on modern multiculturalism.

The Sunday Times ran quotes from the speech on its front page and linked to our website. The speech itself was covered live by Sky News, followed by an interview. BBC News, and ITV News filmed the speech and interviewed Trevor.

On Monday 21 April, Trevor appeared on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. From the Radio 4 site you can listen again to the interview.

The speech was also reported in The Telegraph (who ran clips on Telegraph TV), The Guardian, The Independent, The Mirror, The Daily Express and the Daily Mail.

Widespread coverage appeared in the regional media. The Birmingham Post offered excellent reporting on the event, with a front page article and a feature printing Trevor's speech and the Commission's interactive maps of minority groups in Britain. ITV Central News also ran an extended package.

In the comment press, Magnus Linklater questioned the headlines the speech attracted but described it as 'a reasoned and well-argued demolition of everything Powell predicted.' and Hugo Rifkind wrote a diary story. Richard Littlejohn gave his opinion in the Daily Mail, and Kevin Maguire referred to the speech positively in the Daily Mirror. 

In a letter to the Daily Mail on Wednesday 23 April, Justice Secretary Jack Straw said, 'like equalities chief Trevor Phillips, I also have a deep aversion to political correctness, which has meant some issues like immigration has too often been wrapped in euphemisms which do not connect with the genuine concerns that many actually feel.'

On Friday Trevor Phillips wrote in the Spectator diary, reflecting on the events of the past week.

Last Updated: 25 Jun 2009