Event: Ten years on from the Macpherson Inquiry

Monday 19 January 2009, 11.00 am, London

February 2009 marked ten years since the publication of Stephen Lawrence report. This was a significant landmark in the history of race in Britain, and how the public sector deals with issues of equality.

Given the significance of this anniversary, the Commission held a major event Monday 19 January 2009 where our chair, Trevor Phillips delivered a keynote lecture.

The Commission also revealed new research on race and identity in Britain and on the police and racism invited a number of key players to contribute to the debate. Trevor's speech was followed by a panel discussion and a question and answer session.

Post-event coverage

Trevor Phillips' speech

Trevor Phillips's speech is available as a transcript.

Audience response

Audience members and panellists responded immediately after the debate on video.

 Media coverage

Read our press release for this event.

The event and subsequent discussion is being monitored on Twitter. If you are a Twitter user, follow @EHRC and use hashtag #rib09 to join the debate.

Last Updated: 24 Jun 2009