Older people research

Research report 5: The under-pensioned - disabled people and people from ethnic minorities (PDF)
This research examines the likely future pension incomes of disabled people and people from ethnic minorities. Overall, it finds these people have many of the ‘alarm bell’ characteristics that are associated with lower pension incomes. If current trends continue, they are likely to have lower pension incomes in future than the traditionally-employed median-earning male.

Research report 22: Older people inside and outside the labour market - a review (PDF)
In response to concerns that current systems will be unable to cope with an ageing population, the government has targeted key areas for reform, including: social and health care, education, benefits and pensions. The aim of this report is to undertake a review of older people both inside and outside the labour market at different life stages.

Don’t look back? Improving health and social care service delivery for older LGB users (PDF)
The paper considers the perspectives and experiences of older lesbian, gay and bisexual ( LGB) people and highlights the reasons why we should pay particular attention to their situation as users of health and social care. 

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2014