Launch event

On 11 October 2010 we launched 'How fair is Britain?' at an event in London.

About the event

The event was chaired by Richard Emmott, former Group Director of Communications at the Commission. Commission Chair, Trevor Phillips, spoke to introduce the report and cover some of its findings, challenges and implications. Guest panellists, Brendan Barber (TUC), Professor John Hills (LSE), Peter Kellner (YouGov) and Camilla Cavendish (Media Commentator) each responded to the report and its implications. The panel then took questions from the audience of equality stakeholders to debate the issues raised by 'How fair is Britain'.

Copies of the Executive summary of the report were available at the event and an online demonstration of how to find and download the full report and underlying evidence.

> Video: Watch Trevor Phillips' speech to introduce the report

> Download a transcript of the Trevor Phillips' speech

> Video: responses from Brendan Barber and John Hills to the report

The event was followed on Twitter @EHRC with a parallel online conversation using the tag #howfair.

The launch of 'How fair is Britain' attracted widespread coverage in the media.

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