Event: Measuring equality outcomes - lessons from Britain

On Monday 9 May, the Commission and the British Council co-hosted an event about data collection and policy making. Participants considered the Commission's recent Triennial Review report, How Fair is Britain? and its methodology in measuring equality outcomes and how it has been used to support policy makers in redressing inequalities across society. The methodology of the our forthcoming Human Rights Review was also discussed.

The event brought together a number of international experts who discussed the review and its implications for policy making. They also provided examples from their work in countries across the European Union.

Trevor Phillips, our chair, said:

"This event presented a fantastic opportunity to share the important work the Commission has been doing on evidence and data collection with experts on the international stage. Having robust and reliable data provides us with the evidence and mandate to press for real change. We all know there are significant equalities issues alive and kicking. However, having the evidence allows us not only to pin-point these issues, but it also allows us to measure and monitor our progress in redressing these."

"The Triennial Review is the most ambitious project that the Commission has undertaken since our conception three years ago and we felt it was important to not only share this work on an international stage, but also discuss what lessons we could learn from the experience of other countries."

Jo Goodey from the Fundamental Rights Agency giving a presentation at 'Measuring Equality Outcomes'

Jo Goodey, head of Freedoms and Justice at the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) – the body overseeing equality and human rights across the European Union – provided a fascinating insight into the work of the FRA and more widely on data collection and evidence based policy making on an international stage.

Anna Henry from the Commission discussing the upcoming Human Rights Review during small group discussions at 'Measuring equality outcomes'

The event also proved a great opportunity to get expert input into the methodology and early stages of the Human Rights Review, which is due to be published in December 2011.

We’d like to thank all of the delegates who were able to contribute to the event, especially those who made their way from Europe and beyond!

Since the event a network of international experts in data collection and equality has emerged with the help of the Commission to continue many of the interesting discussions at the event and share experiences of different nations and regions in this field.

You can download the presentations and other information from the event from this page.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2014