Consultation report

Putting equality and human rights at the heart of the care and support reform agenda 

Executive summary


The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) appointed Cordis Bright to assist them to develop and road test a vision and set of principles for care and support reform. The project was focused on adults and older people in England. The vision and principles would assist the EHRC in the immediate consultation on care and support reform, as well as longer term initiatives to secure and promote equality and human rights.


The project comprised:

  • Literature review, focused on the degree of consensus regarding the shape and model of a care and support system which places a commitment to equality and human rights at its core.
  • Interviews with 53 stakeholders covering government, care and support providers, advocacy and representative organisations, academic institutions, think tanks and care and support practitioners.
  • Two days of roundtable discussions designed to test interim findings from stakeholders and gain input into the draft vision and principles.
  • Follow up discussions with additional stakeholders.

Results of consultations with stakeholders

The views of stakeholders on putting equality and human rights at the heart of the care and support reform agenda covered the following areas:

  • Equality and human rights in an ageing society
  • Other inequalities
  • Preventing abuse
  • Views on the personalisation agenda
  • Improvements to enhance equality and human rights
  • Shared responsibility for funding
  • Technology and human rights
  • Creating supportive environments

These are explored in depth in the main body of the report. These views were used to develop and test a draft vision and principles for care and support reform.

 Download the full report (Word 810kb)

Last Updated: 01 Jul 2009