Wales Committee members

Closing date: 12pm Thursday 12 April 2012
Interviews will be held on Friday 25 May 2012

The Wales Committee, chaired by Ann Beynon, the Wales Commissioner, provides informed, impartial and balanced perspectives on a range of sensitive and complex issues. Committee members need to understand the social, economic and legal context in Wales and be able to apply this to inform the priorities of the EHRC in Wales. They are responsible for:

  • Overseeing and guiding the work of the EHRC in Wales;
  • Advising the EHRC's GB Board on how its policies and programmes affect people living in Wales;
  • Contributing to implementation of the Commission's new three year strategic plan;
  • Advising the Welsh Government on all matters relating to Equality and Human Rights legislation in line with our statutory obligations deriving from the 2006 Equality Act).

Why should you be an Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales Committee Member?

Being a Committee Member offers you a unique opportunity to influence the equality and human rights agenda in Wales. This role is about working creatively to tackle discrimination and promote human rights in Wales. At the same time, you will play a major part in developing a distinct voice for Wales at one of Britain’s most forward-thinking organisations.

What Committee Members have said about the role:

  • 'Being a Committee Member provides an opportunity to make new contacts, develop your personal skills and engage in thought-provoking debate on equality issues.
  • 'We ensure the work of the EHRC is relevant and responsive to the needs of the people of Wales.'
  • 'It is about making a difference.'

Supporting the Wales Commissioner, the Committee oversees the development and delivery of strategic priorities in Wales, advises Welsh Government and represents the EHRC in Wales through stakeholder and community engagement.

To be considered, you will need to display an understanding of the equalities and human rights agenda in Britain and Wales. We are looking for experience of developing policy in complex legal and political environments, an understanding of the social, economic, cultural and legal context of devolution and a commitment to good governance.

Please note that appointments will be between two and five years, subject to annual performance appraisal after two years.

12 days per annum - £250 per day + expenses

We are seeking to fill an immediate vacancy and identify candidates for further vacancies that will arise during the course of 2012.

If you would like further information or have any specific requirements to enable you to complete the application process please contact the Recruitment Team on 0161 829 8344 (textphone) 0161 829 8341). We can provide a range of accessible formats.


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