Published research

Measurement framework briefings and data
November 2012
Briefing papers covering particular measurement framework (MF) domains are being published by the Commission during 2012-13. Each briefing paper provides an analysis of the more recent data that are currently available.

An anatomy of economic inequality in Wales
May 2011
This report seeks to build upon the work of the National Equality Panel (NEP) and their report An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK (2010). The findings provide a Wales specific analysis or evidence base.

How fair is Wales?
March 2011
This Review brings together, for the first time, evidence to answer the question How fair is Wales?. It offers a new perspective on some persistent inequalities and it identifies some new challenges. In October 2010 the Commission published its first Triennial Review, How fair is Britain?. How fair is Wales? sets the Triennial Review in a Wales context.

Who runs Wales? 2011
March 2011
This report provides a snapshot of who sits in positions of power and influence in Welsh life. It looks at our politicians, chief executives and business leaders to see whether they reflect the people they serve. Politics and the private sector are two of the most pressing areas of concern. This issue of Who Runs Wales? has a particular focus on these areas.

Not just another statistic
November 2010
This research offers a never-before glimpse of what it’s like to live in Wales if you have a mental health condition, if you are a Gypsy traveller, a transgender person or an asylum seeker or refugee.

Equal Opportunities and Human Rights: the First Decade of Devolution in Wales
Written on the tenth anniversary of the creation of the National Assembly, this research critically evaluates how equality and human rights have fared under devolution. 

Equalities Measurement Framework
The Commission has been working with the Welsh Assembly Government, Government Equalities Office (GEO), the Scottish Government, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and a range of other stakeholders and subject experts to develop a measurement framework that can be used to assess equality and human rights across a range of domains relevant to 21st century life.

Equality Issues in Wales: a research review
This provides the first comprehensive review of research and statistics which relate specifically to Wales by race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and religion.

Who Runs Wales? 2009
March 2009
The Commission’s Who Runs Wales? 2009 report looks at ten areas of Welsh life, including politics, health, and the private sector in order to assess the gender balance at decision-making tables in Wales. Taken as a whole, almost no progress has been made in achieving gender balance at Wales’s top tables since the 2004 report.  

Who Do You See? Living together in Wales
How to live with each other and how to live with the planet are the biggest questions of the twenty-first century.  This report paints a picture of how we live together in Wales in 2008.

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