Public authorities key to ensuring dignity for all

December 08

The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales has highlighted the crucial role that public authorities have in ensuring that disability equality is at the heart of modern-day life.  This comes ahead of the International Day of Disabled People (to be celebrated on Wednesday 3 December).

Representatives of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales will be attending the Assembly Commission’s event to mark the International Day of Disabled People. The event will celebrate the successes and abilities of disabled people in Wales.

Earlier this week, the Assembly Government published a report giving a snapshot of how public authorities are taking account of disability equality in their work. The report is the first time that Governments at Westminster or Cardiff Bay have published a report on progress made in promoting disability equality and the action they propose to take to address gaps and remaining challenges.

Kate Bennett, National Director for Wales, Equality and Human Rights Commission, said:

“Living in modern Wales involves a lot of routine contact with public services – whether it’s going to school, arranging rubbish collection, reporting crime to the police, or getting treatment in hospital.

“That’s why public service providers are absolutely crucial to ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect in their everyday lives. This fairness should be at the very heart of the work of public authorities.

“Reporting on progress towards equality for disabled people is a key step in ensuring transparency and accountability of public authorities, both in employment practices and delivery of services."

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Last Updated: 19 Jun 2009