Equality Exchange Network Events - Getting started on the specific duties

Events take place between 10am and 3pm on the following dates at the following locations across Wales:

  • Tuesday 13 September - Rhyl
  • Monday 19 September - Barry
  • Wednesday 21 September - Swansea

Where are we now?

On 5 April this year, the new public sector equality duty came into force covering all public authorities and those carrying out a public function, and on 6 April, specific duties for devolved public authorities in Wales also came into effect.

The aim of the public sector equality duty is to ensure that all organisations subject to it consider how they can positively contribute to a fairer society through eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and good relations in their day-to-day activities.

The Welsh specific duties are designed to enable the better performance of the general duty.

Getting started

For the rest of this year, we will be leading workshops about the specific duties. We know that some network members are non-devolved and we anticipate that their specific duties will be different. The steps set out in the Welsh duties will though provide a useful basis for getting started as there will be many applicable points common to all.

The agenda for our September meeting will include setting equality objectives, engagement and gathering relevant information.   These are all fundamental items for inclusion in the Strategic Equality Plan.

What you can expect

The aim of the day is to encourage members to get started on the duties by sharing information and experience with each other. Members can share their progress so far and explore any challenges and opportunities that they are experiencing.  The Commission has published guidance to assist public authorities and Commission staff will be available to help on the day. We will ensure that key themes and feedback are shared with the wider network so everyone benefits.

If you would like further details or to register for one of these events, please contact emma.eccles@equalityhumanrights.com

Last Updated: 27 Jul 2011