Significant Inequalities in Scotland

Significant Inequalities in Scotland

The Scottish Government have set a National Outcome to tackle the most significant inequalities in Scottish society. The Commission has recently completed research that will help with the process of identifying the most significant inequalities in Scotland and inform discussion on the best way to tackle them.

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This research is especially timely - at a time of major reduction in public spending, organisations throughout Scotland will have to make difficult financial decisions.  Spending cuts mean that the ability to prioritise outcomes and target limited resources to the areas of most need is essential. 

Significant Inequalities in Scotland offers:

• suggested tests for deciding when an inequality is 'significant'.
• a list of significant inequalities, organised and measured using the   Commission’s Equality Measurement Framework (EMF).
• a process for deciding on priorities for action.

The Commission is keen to ensure that decision makers have the evidence, advice and tools to assist them in making sure that the decisions they make are fair, accountable and transparent. Significant Inequalities in Scotland forms part of a package of materials that the Commission has produced to assist local authorities and other public bodies with their own planning and budget setting.

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Last Updated: 04 Jun 2014