Terms of reference


The Inquiry’s terms of reference were:

  1. To inquire into the extent and nature of human trafficking in relation to Scotland, focusing mainly but not exclusively on trafficking for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.
  2. To inquire into the causes of human trafficking relating to Scotland focusing especially on the role of demand for commercial sexual exploitation.
  3. To inquire into policy and practice in Scotland measured against anti-trafficking human rights standards especially in respect of:
    1. Identification and treatment of trafficking victims in the asylum and immigration system;
    2. Monitoring for, and the investigation and prosecution of, traffickers, especially for trafficking crime; and
    3. Extent and quality of statutory and specialist services and accommodation for victims.
  4.  To inquire into domestic and international good practice on the prevention and prohibition of human trafficking, the criminal prosecution of traffickers, and the protection of its victims.

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Last Updated: 10 Jul 2014