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Transparency on what the Commission spends

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is the independent regulator for equality, human rights and good relations in Britain. We are a statutory body established under the Equality Act 2006 and our sponsor government department is the Government Equalities Office (GEO).

The Coalition Government made a specific commitment to publish expenditure transactions over £25,000 on-line from November 2010 and monthly thereafter. The GEO and the Commmission have opted to publish at £500, which is below the Government's minimum requirements.

Departments are asked to publish their expenditure information taking a consistent approach to timing, format and content, and so we follow guidance published on the Treasury website.

All files are Excel spreadsheets.

Business year 2013/2014

Business year 2012/2013

Points to note:

  • Expenditure transactions are recorded on the day of actual payment and include non-refundable VAT.
  • Personal information, such as wages and salaries and pension contributions, falling under the Data Protection Act are excluded. However we publish information about salaries separately
  • Payments to named legal counsel and VAT registration numbers have been withheld pending further advice from the Treasury.
  • Information will be published by the 15th working day of each month.


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