Strategic priority 2

Create a fairer Britain, with equal life chances and access to services for all


  • Our analysis of the changing face of disadvantage and discrimination in Britain, the changing labour market, the delivery of public services, and the immediate impact of the economic downturn, all point towards the need for concerted action by the Commission in tackling structural inequalities that impact on the groups in our mandate.
  • We will address the structural causes of discrimination- for example the impact of occupational segregation on the gender pay gap - as well as the broader role of socio-economic disadvantage and income poverty in exacerbating discrimination and inequality.
  • The Commission's work in England will contribute towards the delivery of Public Service Agreement (PSA) 15 on Equality in collaboration with Central Government, other Non-Departmental Public Bodies and partners in local government and the Voluntary and Community Sector. In Scotland we will work within the framework of National Performance Outcomes, and in Wales our priorities will take account of those of the Welsh Assembly.
  • We must use the legislation and powers currently at our disposal - such as the public duties and the Human Rights Act - in order to create social change. The Commission will examine the culture of respect for human rights within Britain's public services.
  • That will also require the Commission to assess the impact of particular forms of disadvantage using the Equality Measurement Framework, accepting that particular challenges may be invisible and therefore poorly understood within the official equality statistics.

Last Updated: 21 Jul 2009