Strategic priority 1

Secure and implement an effective legislative and regulatory framework for equality and human rights


  • The present legislative framework is widely regarded as inconsistent, incomprehensible and fragmented across different grounds of equality. At the same time, key drivers of inequality are worsening and a more effective legal framework is required. The need for simplified but robust legislation that takes into account constitutional change - proposals fora Bill of Rights and devolution - is more compelling than ever.
  • The Commission will ensure that the new legislation is successfully implemented, and will help public and private sectororganisations to plan and prepare for the Equality Bill. We will ensure that the proposed Bill of Rights protects andpromotes the principles set out in the Human Rights Act. This legislation will assist the Commission in meeting its statutory duties.
  • This will require the Commission to develop new organisational capabilities and functions internally, while continuing to promote the current legislative framework.

Last Updated: 21 Jul 2009