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Stage one results

28 October 2009: The deadlines for applications for Priority One, Priority Two and Priority Three are now all closed.  Applicants to the Strategic Funding Programme have now been informed of the outcome of their first stage application.  The most recent announcements were for Priority Three applications - legal funding.

Any enquiries about funding applications can be emailed to and will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Please see the schedule below for details of the next stages in the process.

Over 2000 organisations applied to Strategic Funding Programme

The launch of our £10.2 million Strategic Funding Programme in May generated unprecedented interest in the Commission. By the submission deadline on 16 June, we had received over 2,000 applications compared to the 801 we received last year.  This is testament to the outstanding outreach work undertaken by the Grants Unit and the English Regions, Scotland and Wales staff in recent times, and we are delighted that the programme has generated such interest in, and awareness of the Commission's work and priorities.

Due to the high volume of applications received, this meant a delay to the announcement of the 1st stage results and to the overall delivery of the programme. 

All applicants received an acknowledgement letter by the end of July notifying them of their Unique Reference Number (URN), and have now been informed of the outcome of the first stage application.

Revised schedule

A revised schedule for the remainder of the process is set out below:

Stages 1-5 and relevant deadlines

  1. 1st Stage results announced - end of August 2009
  2. 2nd Stage application forms sent out - end of August 2009
  3. Deadline to submit completed 2nd Stage application forms -  first week of October 2009
  4. 2nd Stage results announced  - from mid-November 2009
  5. All funded projects expected to commence  - by February 2010

If you have any specific concerns in relation to the revised timetable please call 0203 1170235 and ask to speak to a member of the funding unit. 

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Last Updated: 07 Jul 2009