Welsh Language Scheme

In compliance with the terms of the Welsh Language Act 1993, the Commission, in conjunction with the Welsh Language Board, has developed the Commission's Welsh Language Scheme.

The scheme was approved by the board of the Commission on 25 March 2010. It received approval from the Welsh Language Board on 20 April 2010. We will now launch the scheme throughout the Commission and to the general public.

The Commission has adopted the principle, so far as it is both appropriate in the circumstances and reasonably practicable, that in the conduct of its public business in Wales, it will treat the English and Welsh languages on a basis of equality. This scheme sets out how we will give effect to that principle.

A copy of the Welsh Language Scheme is available for download.

If, after having read it, you have any comments or queries, please Commission in Wales:

Equality and Human Rights Commission
Ground Floor
1 Caspian Point
Caspian Way
Cardiff Bay
CF10 4DQ

Email: wales@equalityhumanrights.com

Last Updated: 22 Aug 2014