Procurement opportunities

Procurement Portal for suppliers

This page links to our bespoke Procurement Portal, which shows prospective suppliers and interested parties information regarding contract opportunities with the Equality and Human Rights Commission that can't be procured through our current contractual or framework arrangements.

General information about our procurement policies and procedures are also available on the portal.

We aim to balance quality and cost against best meeting the needs of the user. To keep the process fair, we procure by competition wherever possible, and in a number of ways depending on the scale and nature of the goods or services required. Further infromation about how we do this can be viewed on the Procurement Portal.

Documents related to adverts for opportunities will be made available through the Procurement Portal. You will be required to download, save to your own area and complete. Please refer to the detail within specific contract notices and documents for details of how to respond.

Tenders will not be considered if any of the information requested is not supplied with the tender or the tender is otherwise non-compliant or incomplete.

You must not alter any of the Commission's Invitation to Tender documents.

Prospective suppliers should be aware that they will be bound by the Commission's equality duties should they be awarded a contract by the Commission. Our procurement policy and procedures have been subject to an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) to ensure that our procurement process provides a fair, open and transparent way for all suppliers.

Acceptance of offers

You should note that:

  • The Commission is not bound in any way and does not have to accept the lower tender, or any tender at all, and reserves the right to accept a portion of any tender unless the tenderer expressly stipulates otherwise in their tender.
  • The Commission also reserves the right to accept tenders in full or in part.
  • All Commission awarded contracts will be subject to our Terms and Conditions. These are available for review through our Procurement Portal.
  • **Please note** that these Terms and Conditions are model documents and therefore if responding to a contract opportunity you need to use the terms associated with that particular award.
  • All Invitations to Tender are now required to be published for reasons of transparency. The Procurement Portal includes a notice on the Government's Transparency Policy.

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Last Updated: 20 Oct 2015