Religion & Belief equality

Part of the Commission’s remit is to tackle discrimination on the grounds of religion and belief.

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Information about our work on religion and belief can be found across the website, imbedded with information about other issues. However, the links below will take you directly to information on the site that specifically relates to religion and belief.

Religion or belief strategy

Over the past few years, high profile legal cases have excited much controversy about the legal protections for religion or belief rights. However this has not led to clarity around these issues. The Commission's vision is for better public understanding of equality and human rights law, achieved through open discussion conducted with mutual respect and tolerance. To achieve this vision, the Commission has developed a new strategy to inform its future work.

Advice and guidance

Legal resources

Projects and policy work about religion and belief

General information

Research reports about equality and discrimination issues including religion and belief

  • Research report 36: Integration in the workplace: emerging employment practice on age, sexual orientation and religion or belief
  • Research report 48 - Religion or belief: Identifying issues and priorities
  • Research report 72: The impact of counter-terrorism measures on Muslim communities
  • Research report 73: Religious discrimination in Britain - A review of research evidence, 2000-10

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2014