How we consulted on our strategic plan for 2012-15

About the consultation

On 11 October 2011 we launched the last of three stages of consultation to help us develop our next strategic plan for 2012-2015. The consultation process gave everyone the opportunity to comment on our proposed mission and roles, and the key equality and human rights issues going forward.

The consultation process

Equality, human rights and good relations between people affect us all, regardless of our backgrounds, so we are committed to meaningfully consulting and engaging with all those who are interested in the Commission's work. Therefore our strategic planning process included three phases of consultation and involvement of our stakeholders and the general public. Read on to find out more about each phase.

Phase 1 - Closed

This 30 day consultation, which launched on 23 June 2011 and ran until 22 July 2011, formed the first phase of our strategic planning process. This gave participants the opportunity to tell us what they think of our strategic plan for 2009-2012 and how we have fared in keeping our promise about the ten things we said we would deliver. 

Read more about phase one of our consultation

Phase 2 - Closed

We ran a 60-day consultation to give you the opportunity to comment on our proposed mission and roles, and the key equality and human rights issues going forward.  You can download our response to Phase Two in Word and PDF format. There are also two additional documents related to this consultation.  The consultation is now closed, but the documents are still available to download in your preferred format, for your reference.

The first document contains supporting information related to  filling in the second document - our questionnaire. The supporting information document was intended to be used as a reference guide when completing the questionnaire. Therefore, questions were included for reference in the supporting document to help you relate each question to the most relevant topic.

Questionnaire supporting information

Questionnaire formats


Response to phase two

In the final phase, we strengthened our strategic plan by reaching out to those groups who have not contributed to the consultation so far, but who may be impacted by our work. Through further focus groups and personal engagement, we gave them an opportunity to help shape our plans. We will also feedback directly to all those who have contributed to this consultation on how your views have helped shape our future plans.

With a significant reduction in our budget, it’s more important than ever for the Commission to prioritise what we do, and to use our resources effectively and demonstrate real value for money. We actively involved as many people as possible in this process and saw it as an open conversation with our stakeholders right up to when we finalised our Strategic plan for 2012-2015 in March 2012.

If you have any queries about the content or process of this consultation, please email


Last Updated: 08 Jun 2014