Equality information on our ways of working

Satisfaction rates and complaints handling

The Commission is committed to providing a high quality service to everyone we deal with. In order to do this we welcome feedback about our services.

We recognise that quality of service is an important measure of our effectiveness and we have in place a complaints policy which enables us to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.

We treat any complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for a response. We listen to each complaint, treat it seriously, and learn from it so that we can continuously improve our service.

Equality information relating to the subject matter of the complaints can be viewed in our interim 2011/12 equality progress report.

Our information relating to the equality profile of complainants could be strengthened. We are reviewing our complaints procedure to help address this gap and will look to explain how we will use this information to help improve our performance.

Procurement of goods and services

The Commission spends a significant amount of its funding each year on third party goods and services.

To ensure equality considerations are embedded within our procurement activities we undertook an equality impact assessment on our procurement processes in 2010. This informed the development of our new procurement policy.

We recognise that by collating equality information on our procurement practices and our supply base we can identify ways we can advance equality in how we buy our services and work with our suppliers.

To understand more about the diversity of our supply base and better understand their actions and commitment to promoting equality, diversity and human rights we undertook a monitoring exercise in December 2011. The survey was targeted at the 75 suppliers with whom we spend up to 90 per cent of our budget. Only 30 per cent of suppliers responded, therefore we plan to repeat this survey in 2012 to strengthen our data.

We are also asking all our suppliers to complete an external survey to benchmark their equality and diversity practices and performance and will report on this in 2012/13.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2014